D&B Solutions

D&B products and solutions provide you with the decision support for every level of risk and opportunity. In addition to the products and solutions listed here, D&B offers a wide range of value-added services to meet your business needs.

D&B consultants are available to guide you in finding the most appropriate tools for your needs.

Risk Management Solutions

Risk Management Solutions help you make more confident decisions, accelerate cash flow and monitor performance.

  • Business Information Report (BIR)
  • DunTrade™
  • Company Self-Rating

Sales & Marketing Solutions

Discovering the right prospects for your business does not have to be difficult. Our database combine in-depth, accurate information guaranteed by DUNSRight Process powerful solutions designed to help you pinpoint the customers or market that are right for you. In minutes, you could have the perfect list of fresh information for your next campaign.

Now find the company information you need in less time! Our solutions make it easy for you or an entire sales force to look up information on customers, prospects - even competitors. Whether you are doing research to learn more about your best customers or quickly sizing up a potential customer, we can help you find the information you need to make a difference in your business.

  • Data Rationalization
  • Hoover's
  • Global Reference Solutions (GRS)


  • International Risk and Payment Review
  • Seminar / Market Study


Providing sophisticated solutions, ranging from information reports through to behavioral scoring models and analysis on a business, making us the ideal partner to mitigate risk within your receivables cycle. For your company to minimize risk and maximize revenue, checking a customer or prospect's financial position is an essential business practice. Staying informed of any changes in a customer's status is the only way to make the most informed business decisions. D&B can help you establish credit terms, monitor your accounts and automate your credit decision process.

D&B Rating

D&B rating provides an assessment of your business's financial strength & risk standing based on D&B International rating standard. Many companies worldwide relied on D&B business Information to assess risk before taking business decision.

It is computed using D&B's expertise and advanced statistical techniques and calculated based on up-to-date information available in D&B's database.

To get your company's D&B rating, simply complete the Indonesia application form || Overseas application form and please submit this contract (signed and stamped) along with copy transfer payment and NPWP.

Business Information Report [View Sample]

Business Information Reports are a solid source of information to perform critical analysis of business operations, profitablity, stability and finding new opportunities. Designed to help you evaluate your medium-to-higher risk decisions.

It attempts to help you to improve your understanding of a prospective client or supplier by providing you with :

  • D&B Rating to help selecting prospects.
  • Factual information on the existence, operations, financial condition, management's experience, line of business, facilities and locations of the subject company.
  • Special events that occur in the subject company.
  • Banking relationship and accountants.
  • Parent company, affiliated concerns, subsidiaries, branches, referenced with name and D&B DUNS® Number.

Scope of Business Information Report (BIR) :

Credit Lending

  • Assess new credit orders
  • Assess lending applicants
  • Setting / Adjusting credit lines
  • Evaluate Large or problematic accounts
  • Monitoring major accounts
  • Analyzing account receivables
  • Compare customer provided information

Sales and Marketing

  • Identifies prospective clients
  • Estimate account's buying power
  • Assist pre-call planning
  • Tailored presentation


  • Analyzing of company's performance
  • Auditing
  • Identifiying financial behavior


  • Verify existence of vendor
  • Create vendor profile
  • Assess vendor ability to meet commitments

Strategic / Corporate Planning

  • Competitive analysis
  • Benchmarking performace

Merger & Acquisition

  • Screen potential candidates
  • Create profile of merger & acquisition targets


D&B Sales & Marketing Solutions help you acquire new prospects by targeting those companies that look like your best customers and converting them quickly into sales. D&B S&MS facilitate you achieve your revenue by improving results along each stage of the customer life cycle: ACQUIRE new customers, SERVICE existing customers better, RETAIN existing customers and GROW your best customers. The insights you get also help you uncover hidden growth potential so you can cross-sell and up-sell more efficiently.

Data Rationalization

D&B Data Rationalization Service consolidate the customer and supplier information in your legacy systems to create consistent, integrated and enhanced master files. Data Rationalization ensures that all your divisions, departments and functions are working from common base of quality business information. It integrates customer and supplier information across your business units, so you can measure the total scope of your relationship with individual company or group of companies. And it makes it possible to identify and leverage additional opportunities with customers and suppliers that are members of the same corporate family.

We have developed a sophisticated set of information management systems and tools. With data coming from a wide variety of sources, we have created a matching process to link the right information to the right business. We can identify a business by its corporate name, trade name, a street address, a telephone number, or by using the D&B D-U-N-S® Number.

With our unique D-U-N-S® Numbering System, and patented matching process, we consolidate, cleanse, eliminate redundant business records, and ehance clients' own files. You can benefit from these Data Rationalization Services which include:

  • Automated database matching and de-duplication
  • Standardization of record format and layout
  • Cleaning and fixing incomplete addresses
  • Researching unmatched records and confirming business existence
  • Adding value by appending D&B data to yours



Hoover's, Inc., a D&B company delivers comprehensive company, industry, and market intelligence that drives business growth. Our in-depth coverage of the world's top enterprises is at the core of our business tools and service that customers find vital to their operations. Hoover's editorial staff of editors and researchers brings vital business information and knowledge to its coverage, updating the site daily to bring our visitors and subscribers the most up-to-date business information in the industry.

With Hoover's you can access to more 14 million US companies, 2 million Europe companies, 1.5 million Canada companies and 680 thousand Asia Pacific countries.


More details please visit http://www.hoovers.com/free

Global Reference Solutions (GRS)

The power of D&B's global data coverage and the insight of D&B's corporate linkage in a single service.

  • Search & segment D&B's global database of more than 100 million business to obtain information on individual business, corporate families or market segments.
  • Research and understand business from the smallest, with just 1 employee, to Wal - Mart Stores Inc. with over 1,000,000 staff.
  • Build marketing campaign based on a complete picture of the size and shape of the market and who the key prospects are.
  • Understand opportunities (or risks) within corporate families across the world.

Why use GRS?

Sales and Marketing

  • Assess the size and opportunities in any market sector in any country quickly and easily.
  • Create targeted campaigns and build prospect databases either locally or globally.
  • Improve the eficiency of your sales force by offering prospects close to existing clients.


  • Verify the existence and understand the background of any business, anywhere in the world, quickly and easily.
  • Understand the corporate family structure of your key clients to obtain complete picture of your overall exposure.


  • Ensure you avoid damaging conflicts of interest by understanding relationships with corporate families.

Supply Management

  • Gain better negotiating power by assessing your total spend across different members of the same corporate family.

More details please visit https://solutions.dnb.com/grs


International Risk and Payment Review

Investing or trading in foreign markets is high-risk. That's why International Risk & Payment Review is a vital reading for anybody doing business overseas. International Risk & Payment Review:

  • Presents the unique D&B Country Risk Indicator to show the relative strengths of 122 countries.
  • Alerts to political and economic risks.
  • Guides on payment terms and delays - essential for effective negotiating and planning.
  • Provides monthly analysis for monitoring changing market conditions.
  • Presents important data in one source, saving hours on research.
  • Country assessments are presented in a standard format to facilitate the comparison of economic, political, commercial conditions across countries.
  • Vital information for Credit, Export Sales, and Marketing Managers, in fact all Executives and Directors in Commercial and Financial organizations planning or currently engaged in overseas trading and investment.

International Risk & Payment Review is completed by our own resident team of highly skilled analysts using the latest data, live from Dun & Bradstreet local offices worldwide, and supplemented by intelligence from the World Bank, IMF and other international and local sources.

To learn more about International Risk and Payment Review, send us a message or call us on + 62 21 579 00979.

Seminar / Market Study

Executive seminars offer excellent opportunities in facilitating the exchange of information and knowledge among executives. It is also a valuable ground for building business network. The seminars are conducted by subject-matter training experts on diverse topics. They include management development, credit & financial management, sales & marketing, communications and risk management.

In addition, we offer Seminar Packages that allow the flexibility in arranging your staff in focus groups on specific topics at your preferred time.

To learn more about Market Study, send us a message or call us on + 62 21 579 00979.

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